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    Enrollment management is the broad term used to capture these major processes and assumes a holistic view of enrollment processes and student success. Those processes include but are not limited to the following: marketing, recruitment, application, admission, registration, enrollment, student persistence, re-enrollment, completion, graduation, and transfer or transition.

    Using the Strategic Enrollment Plan as its guide and the College’s Five-Year Strategic Plan, the role of the Strategic Enrollment Committee is to annually identify and recommend major initiatives and actions for implementation, monitor their progress and report results/findings, identify gaps in the Strategic Plan, and integrate enrollment management processes into the College’s ongoing continuous quality improvement efforts.

    Major Roles

    The following should guide the committee’s work:

    1. To recommend to the Senior Vice President for Learner and Provost (or his/her designee) strategic actions for achieving the College’s Strategic Enrollment Management goals. Recommendations may include formations of task forces to complete specific projects or tasks.
    2. To establish the annual agenda by setting priorities according to the SEM Plan.
    3. To develop strategies that further advance awareness, engagement, and support for the College’s enrollment management goals and student success.
    4. To identify potential resources and partners for achieving desired goals for enrollment management.
    5. Collaborate with Cabinet or other College leaders, as needed to achieve desired goals.

    To report progress, results, and events through ongoing communication and posting of meeting agendas and minutes.


    • Rev. Fr. L.CHRISTURAJ .,M.A.,MSW.,M.Phil. OFM Cap.,
    • Rev. Fr. Arulraj A. OFM Cap.,
    • Rev. Fr. William Raj D. OFM Cap.,
      Hostel Director