First Year profile & Lab

Students are initiated into basic engineering stage from the first  year onwards

They are taught the following basic subjects

  1. Communication English
  2. Engineering mathematics
  3. Engineering physics
  4. Engineering chemistry
  5. Engineering graphics


  1. Engineering physics practical
  2. Engineering chemistry practical
  3. Workshop practical


Chemistry Lab

At the end of the program the student will have knowledge about volumetric analysis in acidimetric alkali metric and permangano metric titration and their application.


To get knowledge of estimation of total hardness, temporary and  permanent hardness in  the hard water sample.

Physics lab

In diploma level education skill development plays a vital role .the skill development can be achieved by on hand experience in handling various instruments apparatus and equipment this is accomplished by doing engineering related experiments in practical  classes in various laboratories.


Workshop  practical

Acquire skills in basic engineering  practice  identity the hard tools and instruments  study and use measuring  instruments  practical skill in the fitting,plumping  and wiring trades.


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