Blood Donation Camp

All participants were initially given awareness about the significance of blood donation and day to day requirements of Human blood of various groups. Hence the participants were made spontaneously to impart the importance of blood donation to the society.

Then, the chief guest gave his personal contact number to all the volunteers assembled there so as to help them for any urgent need of blood to their kith and kin in near future. On the same day, it was planned to find out blood group for all the students and also for the quantitative measurement of Hemoglobin content of weaker students especially for girls.

Specific Objectives

  1. To ensure the ready availability of the required group of blood, 24 hours in a day. 365 days in a year.
  2. To Organize Community based blood donation cams at Villages and among the Unorganized sector of People to propagate the Messages about Blood donation and to remove the myths and misconceptions about blood donation.
  3. To create and update a directory of Voluntary Donors so that the required blood is available on request.
  4. Capacity building of Primary Health Centre System, NGO system and other community based Organizations to organize Blood Donation camps at the request of the Blood Bank Medical Officers.
  5. To generate awareness on Blood Donation and its significance in saving lives during emergencies particularly during Obstetric emergencies and accidents.
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