Cultural Committee


The College believes in all round development of personality of the students as goal of education. It aims to provide rich cultural experiences and innovative technical taste so that student appreciates the multi cutural diversity of the society.

To develop a holistic and humanitarian attitude as members of the world community in this era of globalization and modernization by learning aspects of Indian as well as western cultures.

To assist the students to develop communication skills, organizational skills, tolerance to criticism, positive attitudes, leadership, capacity for mingling and getting-on with peers of different mentalities, etc.

To encourage the budding Professionals to exhibit their talents in Technical & Cultural activities like elocution, debate, essay writing, quiz, paper presentation, singing, acting, fine arts,etc.

RolesĀ  of committee
To organize Inter College Cultural and Technical Fest. The Fest should have the interaction of various students of different colleges. The Fest should have many technical and Cultural events.

To organize a whole bunch of energy ridden, intellectual and absolutely fun oriented intra-college events like technical paper presentations, quiz etc., the creative Art Mela(that includes painting, sketching), play fest, Mad Adz, Movie Spoofs, Music and Dance.

To arrange an Annual Social Gathering(College day) in which students are motivated to take part in Dance, Drama, Singing, Sports, Programming Contest, Quiz etc., and to celebrate different festivals to show great unity of India.

To form a college level students technical and cultural committee.

To assist and encourage the students to participate very actively in organizing and conduct technical and cultural events in the college.

To encourage the students to actively participate in technical festivals conducted by other colleges.

To bring out monthly college newsletter highlighting college activities achievements and article contributions from both students and faculty.

To work towards bringing out an annual college magazine comprising college annual report highliting departmentwise activities, achievements of both faculty and students, events organized with photos, article(English/Hindi/Telugu) contributions from both faculty and students and advertisements from region’s well wishers and to ensure that this magazine is released during college annual day celebrations.

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